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Leap Premium Vodka

Label design for Leap Premium Vodka

Kelly's Dust Labels

Kelly's BBQ Dust varieties. You can buy Kelly's Dust at www.thekansascitybbqstore.com or www.hawgeyesbbq.com.


Deli Direct

Deli Direct has been delivering gourmet quality deli meats, cheese and sausages for over 25 years.  Visit Deli Direct to shop for some great products.

Amplify Protein Powder Blends

Amplify Brand Protein Powders are available in both plant and whey-based proteins. The postcard was support material for the introductory trade show held in Dubai.

D95 Educational Foundation Re-brand

District 95 Educational Foundation needed an updated logo and support graphics for their branding. The new logo represents the three layers of support for D95 learners: Parents, the School District, and the Community. They are represented by the three colored fields, supporting the open field of learners. 


Clark & Sheffield Bloody Mary Mixes

Created for Binny's Beverage Depot, this line of private label bloody mary mixes made its debut in 2019.

Clark and Sheffield Rich & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix.
Clark and Sheffield Classic Bloody Mary Mix
Clark & Sheffield Habanero Bloody Mary Mix
Clark & Sheffield Horseradish Bloody Mary Mix

Sunbeam Marketing Solutions

Even marketers have to market their own brands. Both of the designs below were utilized, driving exposure and sales for the company. 

SunBeam Marketing Solutions

Fanny's Meat Sauce carton art

Carton art for Fanny's frozen entree was created with the help of my long-time photographer, Larry Klippert at GL and Associates. The product was photo-styled by me.

Fanny's Frozen Meat Sauce Back

Mama Valerio Pasta Sauce

Mama Valerio's Pasta Sauce is an old family recipe originating from Basilicata in southern Italy. A map of  Italy focusining on that region is in the background. The photo is of Mrs. Valerio, taken at a wedding in the 1940's. The sauce recipe was co-packed at Dorina So-Good in Union, IL and printed at Reliable Label Reed Rite, Inc.

Mama Valerio's Meat Pasta Sauce Vanderbosch Graphic Design
Mama Valerio's Marinara Sauce Vanderbosch Graphic Design

Rustic Mamma Blog Site and Logo

Lifestyle Identity and website created for an inspiriational life-style author.

Rustic Mamma Logo
Rustic Mamma blog spot

AmeriKleen Commercial Cleaning

Branding and support print materials created for a commercial cleaning company. 


Simply Fresh Air

Simply Fresh Air Odor Eliminator Vanderbosch Graphic Design

Simply Fresh Air branding and package design for an odor eliminating product.

Southern Red's Branding

Southern Red's Bar and Restaurant logo rescue and barbecue sauce label.



Custom Car Spec Card

Give me a great photo and I'll build an equally great graphic around it. This was created for the custom automobile audience that likes bitchin' cars.

Lisa's Italian Sunday Sauces

Lisa's Italian Sunday Sauces were created by Lisa Caponigri. Author of  Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner?  Lisa's Sunday Sauces are available in select Cosco stores.


Champagne Opener Branding

The Original PopTop™ Champagne Opener was printed on heavy, clear plastic for durability during display. The product spec card was created as a leave-behind for potential buyers.